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what the fuck is going on here.

1. it's very hard to fill air time
2. it's very hard to fill air time and have it be interesting and entertaining
3. it takes 22 hours and weekends to prepare for a 1-2 hour show every weekday, and that's only because Keith and Chemda are very good at what they do.
4. 60-90% of Keith and Chemda's job is not on air
5. during a marathon they get no sleep
6. during a marathon the guests get little sleep
7. during a marathon the guests take the role of host a lot
8. creating an environment or expecting the guests to become frequent hosts of the show is ridiculous for a plethora of reasons
9. there would be so much content created, that no one would have time to listen to it all and would therefore be a massive waste of effort.
10. MyButtPlug is a fucking moron and is completely and utterly illogical.

it is not possible, probable, and absolutely not practical or reasonable for them to continuously broadcast.
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