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Anyway, as to the question of whether doing a marathon podcast is hard: The answer is that everything is hard. Taking my experiences with KATG as an example, I've learned:

4 years ago: That doing 5 minutes of stand up is hard
That doing a KATG-style boy girl show is very hard

3 years ago: That doing 30 minutes of stand up is almost impossibly hard. Dodging tampons also hard.

2 years ago: That video editing takes forever, and can be hard

1 year ago: That being on KATG and dealing with random opinions from people with abstract internet names is hard, for some fucking reason

2 days ago: That running KATG is much harder than being on it. Dealing with feedback, figuring out mic levels, keeping the conversation going, trying to figure out how to deal with an unexpectedly drunk guest -- all much harder than I expected.

So, I think that sums it up. Everything, creative or technical, is at least a notch harder than it seems like it will be. Sorry that "a notch" isn't a very technical measurement. I hope that doesn't invalidate my informal study.

Pretty much nobody got more than a few hours sleep at a time during that marathon. I think Keith said he totaled about 8 hours during the whole thing. We were all wiped by the end. Though I do think it'd be fun to keep going until someone died.
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