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Originally Posted by MyButtPlug View Post
So in response to you I would say that if they move their bedroom away from the studio they could do the marathon for longer.
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You suggest they reconstruct their home in order to better suit their podcasting? Do you read back what you write? What kind of a home are you living in? Or do you actually think it's a bunch of people huddled around a little laptop, and not a full radio operation with boom mics and sound mixers?

Originally Posted by MyButtPlug View Post
wow, i tried to be civil to you but you are really a fucking retard, aren't you?
Glass house.

Originally Posted by MyButtPlug View Post
It is not on me to prove I can podcast!! How does that relate to whether it's hard to do a marathon or not???? For fuck's sake, open your fucking brain.

If I've never seen the sky before, and I say it's blue--doesnt mean it's not blue because i've never seen it!
If you say the sky is blue when you have never seen it, you are only guessing. However, you insisting your guess is fact is what makes you an idiot.

Keith and Chemda have been podcasting for FIVE YEARS. This is a full-time job for them, not a hobby. In that time, they have risen to the top of a sub-genre of radio that many people still have not even heard of, nevermind take seriously as a career. Very few people can do this as a career. In terms of a marathon, they did not start running in January and decide to do 26.2 miles two months later. They had to train, learn the techniques and oft overlooked details, and really plan to make it happen. They had to cater the event, schedule guests so the show doesn't go dead, remain topical and keep conversation flowing, and interact with a live audience the entire time.

Really, if you think it's easy to do it for one day, or even one hour, I challenge you to prove it. And when you think "look, I did it for one hour, clearly 75 hours will be a piece of cake!", prove that too. Of course, you won't have an audience, and it won't matter anyway.
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