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I dont know why i didnt mention it ewarlier, but i've been plating also a good amount of the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. lately

Holy bejesus. Talk about an atmosphere that gets under your skin. is not an horror game yet it manages to horrify me and make me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it's that Tarkovsky like landscape (i think the title didnt came out of nowhere), all grey rusting despair and rotting sickness. Maybe it's the sickening realism of the whole thing.

I wont call it an entertaining game (and boy it's hard to get into it when you're used to the silly over the top antics of this last generation of games. In this world, a skeletal dog can kill you) but it's amazing nonetheless.

I am missing some good adventure games, though. Besides the episodic monkey island series, the stuff that came out lately is quite horrid. The last good game i played in that style was the very good Overclocked, a game that managed being fascinating to play AND pull out a weird and disdturbing story...
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