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Originally Posted by standardman View Post
I've been meaning to replay HL at some point, Junk. Hearing that it's still good makes me eager to do it soon.
I wouldnt say it has aged perfectly. It's definitely an older, more clunky game. It's insanely frustrating at times (Apparently back then Valve werent the kind hearted crowd plesers of today that create games according to player's response), in some parts in a very idiotic and old school way. The story is still amazing, but the charcters are non-existent (although i still have to understand if the babillion lookalike scientists that repoeat "Greetings co-worker" or "You still believe that chaos theory is wrong?" while zombies are eating them alive, were done that way on purpose or not).

That given, it still has that unique approach to action gaming where you have to both carefully plan every step and blow up stuff in creative ways. The genius is there, just a bit awkward.

Valvemaniac note: Their sense to detail still gets me. Using Mike Patton to voice the infected in L4D is pure genius. I dont think there is another being or machine capable to trasmit the feeling you get when your the Boomer's pre-vomit retchings.
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