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Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
Just picked up Shadow Complex today. That game seems mildly broken in some really entertaining ways. I like it.
Mildly broken ? That is like being mildly pregnant.

They finally resolved the autokicking problems in Bad company 2 yesterday and i have played quite alot , EVERY match have some "moments" in them where something funny or interesting happens.

Yesterday it was all about knife fights for me , i had a "stephen seagal" knifefight with a guy and we strafed around for several seconds until his buddy sniped me from the back. He didnt get my dogtags atleast .
5 min later we are at it again and he went in for the kill, and the game ended.
Win for my side.

By now some people have some more advanced gear, so we have the people proximity radars ,mortar bombardment and some airstrikes, ot everyone know how to use it or to tell the attacking team that airstrikes are incoming - so its hamburger hill all over again.

I also saw a really good chopperpilot with full crew of mechanics, that is one unstoppable deathmachine from above. We damaged it down to abot 20% health five times, but it just retreated for 30 seconds and we were back at square one again - well played good sir, well played.

All and all, a very fun game.Cudos to Dice, they really know how to make FPS war games fun.
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