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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
No, i dont think so. I got it on the awesomeness that was Steam's Christmas deal but i guess it is the bare bone version.

It's a great game, but i have to play it when i'm in the right mood. Dear god, it's creepy and depressive.
STALKER COMPLETE fixes a lot of bugs, adds a lot of the features that were going to be in the game and makes it look real pretty while keeping the core game the same. I recommend it over playing it vanilla, even first time around.

I interviwed him. He's one of those guys who has enough talent and cult following to be free to do whatever he wants and he has an omnivorous interest in anything. He also has an unnatural vocal range so he applies well when it comes to unnatural sounds (did also the infected in I Am Legend). But yeah he loves games and soundtracks.

He got also tricked into doing that shitty Bionic Commando remake.
You interviewed him? Man, that's cool, he seems an interesting guy.

The best thing you did was turning me to steam. I literally re-discovered games through that. I'm trying to push it towards friends, but i hang around too many snobby artists (and console players, puah)

Valve has something i didnt see since the golden age of 90s computer gaming. They love their fans and pay attention to detail. Everyona these days cares about how cool the graphics should be or whatever.
Hah, it's very hard to have a conversation with me about games without me recommending Steam. It's a terrific service, works as a library of games I can choose from and the sales allow me to take a punt on a game I probably wouldn't ordinary try. Hell, they're pretty much the platform's champion now since Microsoft failed with Games For Windows.

I think TF2 is the best example of how much they listen, iterate and slave over the details, it's not the same game it was when it was released.

They just make the product perfect. It still boggles my mind how someone could have conceived something as mind-bending as portal, and yet how full of stuff you dont notice at first that game is. How quotable (there is NO line uttered by GlaDOS that isnt genius), how funny (the turrets are a game version of slapstick comedy) and how replayable it is.

Even Left 4 dead who looks simple has stuff that's ten thousand times better than the average horror crap.

They seem to love what they do more than the money they make. And my intense hatred for them after the ending of HL2-e2 was just a signal of how good the game was.

The problem is that they spoil you. Playing a mediocre shooter is boring as hell when you get used to their style...
Have you listened to their commentaries? I love that feature, it shows you just how much effort and care goes into every tiny thing in these games. When I see lazy crap like COD, I just can't be bothered with it.

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Decided to buy some simple and mood enhancing games:

-World of Goo
-Plants vs Zombies

Playing portal again reminded me of how simply exhilarating is solving a simple and mind challenging game
Two great games, you really can't go wrong there. This all reminds me, have you set up your steam profile page? It gives you something like this, with all your activity on and makes it easy for other people to join you or organise a game.
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