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I'm up to Dionysis Park in BioShock 2 right now and so far, I can notice the differences in the storyline approach from the first one. What I really enjoy is finding traces of audio and information from characters from the first game; it makes the nostalgia aspect even better. (Spoilers hidden below)

Some touching moments too: The little boy's message about the flower to the Little Sister he saw around and the school teacher looking after the girls during the 1959 riots. Additionally, how the Little Sister on your back will shout at Splicers when they attack you: "Daddy, you always protect me from the monsters" or "You're in trouble now! You made daddy angry!" Fuckin' a.

Another aspect I like is the morality (or lack thereof) of the characters: Sinclair wants to help but he chooses an "every man for himself" approach. He applauds your reluctance to harvest Little Sisters and killing Grace, but clearly states how he would just mow through them to get to the end goal. The same goals for Stanley Poole who does not want to be discovered of his undercover work.

And man, Tenenbaum aged horribly.
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