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As mentioned, i've been playing mostly two games, that are both perfect examples of evil games:

Dead Space

I dont get scared by games, apart from the usual eek or two when some monster pops out and kills me. Atmospheric adventure games get me more focused on the puzzles than creeping me out. Stuff like Resident Evil gets on my nerves and shooters usually have more concerned about the thrill of gunning than quivering. But Dead Space had me by the balls the first time i played and it's even better now that i have a computer adequate enough to playt it graphically pumped and at night, with headphones.

I love body horror. The Thing is onne of my favourite movies and nothing gets my repulsion flowing like horrendous globs of deformed flesh. And this games uses the concept in a magnificient way. Yeah the ploty is like a cheesy version of Event Horizon. But the point is that you're a sad sack of a spaceman, with an easily destroyable suit. You dont really run and your weapons are construction tools or little more.

And the mostruosities that come at you dont die by shooting. They keep creaaping with all their limbs, dismeber you from all directions if you dont cut them to bits or burn them and still mutate into more horrifying things after you do. After a while you are always overwhelmed, looking behind every corner in terror (and the cam stuck on your left shoukder makes it even worse). Evry jump is a jump to pain. Every corpse is a menace. And no matter how well armed and healthy you are (which you NEVER are) they're more resilient than you. And all you're left with is a racing heart and your balls permanently lodged in your throat. Fuck.


Evil in another sense. You start by saying, just a small round to distract myself. Then before you know it, your pets and kids are dying, your girlfriend has left you, you got fired and you're at level 200 with a "Japanese at a pachinko parlour" expression on your face and no hope of getting off. Like all great things it's addictive. And it has an amazing way of rewarding you psychologically for your slavery (you cant even get frustrated because even when you loose, a fuzzy creature will bump you into trying again. And you will. Again. And Again. And Again...)
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