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Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
I'm up to Dionysis Park in BioShock 2 right now and so far, I can notice the differences in the storyline approach from the first one. What I really enjoy is finding traces of audio and information from characters from the first game; it makes the nostalgia aspect even better. (Spoilers hidden below)
That little kid's recording really was something. Every time I heard something like that, I'd think about where that person was and whether they were in there when it flooded.

I think visually, a Bioshock movie would be incredible. Not to mention they could have some amazing combat sequences. The more I think about it though, the more I realize it would probably be turned into a very simple sci-fi movie with none of the deep emotional story that's in the game. And that would be a real shame. I'm not sure where they could take another game that didn't make things feel stale. But this is one of the few franchises where I keep hoping for sequels anyway.
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