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Just wrapped up BioShock 2 and realized I overlooked a lot of achievements I could have easily gotten while playing. I'll make another run through later.

Possible spoilers below but I won't hide it this time.

Anyways, I really enjoyed it. I aimed for the good ending and it was rather touching. As Sheepy mentioned, I did get that protective sensation while the Little Sisters were gathering. I would try to keep a Big Daddy away only to hear her cry for help to find a Splicer attacking her; naturally, I went apeshit on them with the drill and plasmids. At one point, I was battling two Big Sisters at once and I hypnotized one of them to help defeat the other; it made the match a lot easier.

I also wanted to read up on the Something In The Sea part of the site that explains a lot of additional story and it was exhaustive as hell; really well done on part of the developers/writers.

However, I was disappointed in the lack of story on some other aspects. Largely, where the hell did Tenebaum disappear off to? As soon as she said to talk to Sinclair, she vanished. To just erase a big character from the rest of the game like that was a big oversight IMO.

Also, being a Little Sister for a short moment was pretty wild. I was like a sneaky little kid up to some mischief. And when Eleanor Lamb was at your side declaring, "Leave my father alone!" I thought that was kind of a trip.
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