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Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
I'm kinda glad I never sent them a CV....
If you had joined the US F1 team they would now be at the top of pre-season leaderboard AND have the best organized, Excel-tracked trailer full of tupperware bins on the planet.

It was sad to see them fizzle out. I guess the upside is we get Peter Windsor back on the starting line with a mic and his camera guy - where he belongs! That is one of my fav parts of the Speedvision coverage!

Originally Posted by gumby013 View Post
Oh...and I am totes excited about this McLaren wing.
I expect the driver changed rear aero tricks to be banned and they will have to use the spare chassis without it.
6 degree front wing aero will be an important strategy to deal with fuel-related weight shifting.

Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
I need a favourite driver by the time they come to Europe otherwise its not interesting enough to follow along. Ideas?
Vettel may surprise a few people this season.

Here's an interesting pre-season review from FastLaneDaily. Great show.

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