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Originally Posted by dEadERest View Post
“With no refuelling, it will be difficult to see any overtaking, so after the first lap the positions will be set” – Fernando Alonso (Scuderia Ferrari).

“Overtaking was basically impossible unless somebody made a mistake. That is the action we are going to have with this kind of environment of race strategy” – Michael Schumacher (Mercedes GP).

“You start with fuel, you do one stop and it’s pretty much a train all the way” – Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes).

“The first lap is definitely your best chance of overtaking. It might throw up a few more strategies in the race – I hope it does, because run like that every race, it’s not the most exciting” – Jenson Button (McLaren Mercedes).

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Ditch the aero all together. Give them 900 BHP and no downforce so they slide all over the place. You'll see plenty of overtaking then.
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