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Mirror's Edge

Wow. What a polarizing game.

Like all very good ideas, this oscillates between genius and pure nerve wrecking chaos.
When you catch the good flow, you have an amazing thing that allows you to run, jump and soar in a vertigo inducing landscap that looks like a luc-besson nightmare. The beauty of the world you soar through makes you feel dizzy. And if things go right, it's somethi ng you have never seen anywhere else. As close as pure adrenaline as you can get.

But, man, when it crashes, it crashes loudly. See, you can run over skyscraper and jump around, but on your path you meet heavily armed enemies that a lot of the times, you cannot avoid. And you have to fight. And fight means, litterally, you have to press the right button in the space of a second or you die. That's it. Cant run away. Cant do combos (well you can but they wont do much) cant use weapons, mostly they'll use em against you. You just die, unless you do tyhe forementioned, quick burst button pushing. And the run is blocked. The rush is interrupted.

Thr game has other flaws, like the fact that you generally have a very rigid path to follow and cannot deviate from that. But none of those is as frustarting as that fucking trial and error combat.

But between those giant block of unfun, there's a great game. Hopefully it will be improved.
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