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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
I strongly reccomend evrything Standardman says because he's cool (his girlfriend is a 20 yo hottie, guys. And he's a geek. Learn, fuckers, learn)

In this case even more. "World of Goo" is poetic and sweet and with that extra oomph that inventive games had in the golden age. Like Lemmings. It's one of those games that's almost impossible to explain, but as soon as you start playing, everything is clear and addictive. Plus, it looks gorgeous and cute.

If anyone of you hasnt played "Longest Journey", you suck. It's the predecessor to Dreamfall and a much better and more intelligent game. A magnificient mood, with some super-detailed graphics, a sci-fi feeling that reminds me of China Miéville (ahem. Sorry, i geeked out) and some of the most human, complex and fascinating characters ever portrayed in a game. Mostly, April Ryan is, with Alyx Vance of HL2, the best female charcter ever created. Let Ragnar Tornquist break your heart.

"Sanitarium" is a great adventure game that accomplishes the task of dropping you in an early David Lynch movie. Deformed Children, rotting asylums, sentient insects, child abusing preachers, sadistic doctors, heaven and hell. And you play a disfigured asshole who spouts hatred at everyone he speaks to.

C'mon guys. Treat yourselves.
These words are nice words, thank you man. And you're absolutely right about the games.

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Mirror's Edge

Wow. What a polarizing game.

Like all very good ideas, this oscillates between genius and pure nerve wrecking chaos.
When you catch the good flow, you have an amazing thing that allows you to run, jump and soar in a vertigo inducing landscap that looks like a luc-besson nightmare. The beauty of the world you soar through makes you feel dizzy. And if things go right, it's somethi ng you have never seen anywhere else. As close as pure adrenaline as you can get.

But, man, when it crashes, it crashes loudly. See, you can run over skyscraper and jump around, but on your path you meet heavily armed enemies that a lot of the times, you cannot avoid. And you have to fight. And fight means, litterally, you have to press the right button in the space of a second or you die. That's it. Cant run away. Cant do combos (well you can but they wont do much) cant use weapons, mostly they'll use em against you. You just die, unless you do tyhe forementioned, quick burst button pushing. And the run is blocked. The rush is interrupted.

Thr game has other flaws, like the fact that you generally have a very rigid path to follow and cannot deviate from that. But none of those is as frustarting as that fucking trial and error combat.

But between those giant block of unfun, there's a great game. Hopefully it will be improved.
It's baffling that, after creating something so beautiful and different and exhilarating that they'd literally throw in road blocks against the game's strengths. Maybe they had to put combat in there to make it sell but needs a refined sequel.

As for what I've been playing, I played a few matches of Left 4 Dead 2. The first game I leapt in to was right at the Dark Carnival finale, they'd been stuck for a while and it's always great to dive in and help a team win.

The second was on the first level with someone playing for the first time, we had a lot of fun chatting to him about his first impressions and listening to his surprise on new discoveries. He backed me up at the car as I grabbed the petrol cans and he even got to pour the last one in, winning us the round.

Left 4 Dead 2 in particular reminds me why I love playing multiplayer on PC, rather than Xbox Live - it's largely a friendly, fun environment with people who work together.
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