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Finished up Heavy Rain today.

Can't say I have the urge to play through it again unless I go through it killing as many people as possible! Pretty fun, though. I cheated once (as in... accidentally shooting a suspect when I meant to .. not shoot the suspect) by restarting the system before a game save. Probably would have been more interesting if I hadn't. It's strange, though, how there were moments I was plagued by indecision... weighing all the possibilities before taking an action in the split second the game gave you to make a decision.

One of my big issues was that in a no pressure no stress situation, I could hardly distinguish the options given by the square and circle buttons. So there were a few times I would want to do one option, but clicking another cause I mixed up the shapes. When things got stressful, the buttons would shake or shimmer which I think is an excellent way to make the player kinda feel the emotion.

And I do agree with one review I read (or heard... could have been zero punctuation) is that while important... I didn't necessarily feel for the fat guy's story. Not at all like Ethan's. Quanticdream definitely outdid themselves with Ethan's story.

Eh... all I got! Cheers!
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