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Originally Posted by standardman View Post
These words are nice words, thank you man. .
I really enjoy knowing you, so it's all true

Originally Posted by standardman View Post
It's baffling that, after creating something so beautiful and different and exhilarating that they'd literally throw in road blocks against the game's strengths. Maybe they had to put combat in there to make it sell but needs a refined sequel..
I never get how the game marketing works. Smart stuff usually builds an audience, watch Valve. But apparently most of the gamers are still mentally challenged teen witch itchy fingers that just want to blow up stuff (the fact that people love MW2 so much without questioning the fact that half the game is a series of cutscenes with almost no gameplay is telling.). And with that definition i'm also talking about fat obnoxious uber-nerds....

So the business sharks behind software houses probably want to make every game "a thrilling cinematic action ride with realistic combat). Even when the combat doesnt fit. It reminds of the sad saga of Broken Sword, in a way ("We will renew adventure games with thrilling action and cinematic stealth" and the series dies...).

The comments on Mirror's Edge i've read around the web were very telling...

"This game is stupid, why cant i shoot the guards"
"You cant jump it's impossible"

Sigh. The controls arent helpful also, but i got used to it...

The scene in the underground tube is awesome enough to make me forgive the messy trial and error moments

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