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Originally Posted by dEadERest View Post
I would "watch" no matter what, I love listening to the guys on SPEED chew it. It is F1 and it is history, for me anyway.
I agree and have for years J, no winged down force. Give them the envelope and let 'em go. Never was a huge NASCar fan but I remember the day it died. Death by aero.

That link sucked.

I have a Bobby Allison story, I used to work for a company that was thinking about getting into Nascar.. now this was awhile ago when Bobby Allison was an owner and his driver was Derrick Cope, remember the mane and tail car? well if not no big deal, it was awhile ago. anyway, being the resident gear head, nobody at our big company wanted to take advantage of the vip day at Phoenix International Raceway, but I did. we spent the morning touring the pits and hanging out in the garage, near the big trailers.. we had bbq with bobby and a few other drivers. then Bobby said.. you might want to work you way to the stands, the race is boring from the infield. and pointed us the way. We wound up in the driver's paddock as they were getting introduced, standing next to Dale sr. Jeff Gordon and his first wife was pretty cool. they were all so short, except for Kyle Petty.

That day, Derrick Cope fought hard for us.. trying to gain our sponsorship, he actually came in 4th which was amazing for him, he even led a lap.

later we did get into sponsorhip of Indy cars.. we sponsored Sam Schmidt who later became a quadraplegic during practice.

Nothing compares to F1 of course, but it was fun to be in the pits for an Indy race, get a ride in the pace car for Nascar and later sit in a top fuel funny car for NHRA.. all because nobody else at my company could care less about motorsports.
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