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Originally Posted by dangerous View Post
it will be hamilton or button again. probably hamilton. UK 2 years running gonna make it 3.
welly well well, based on that astute fat limey anal-ysis, Ferrari and Reb Bull should pack it in . .

Originally Posted by phooey View Post
later we did get into sponsorhip of Indy cars.. we sponsored Sam Schmidt who later became a quadraplegic during practice.
I do not remember him but he seems like an indomitable person.
Originally Posted by phooey View Post
Nothing compares to F1 of course, but it was fun to be in the pits for an Indy race, get a ride in the pace car for Nascar and later sit in a top fuel funny car for NHRA.. all because nobody else at my company could care less about motorsports.
what company was that? And could you expound upon "sit in a top fuel funny car "?
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