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Originally Posted by Modehead View Post
Available (strictly limited to 50) for 10,000 credits.

Keith, if you have Forza, I will gift one to you!! No charge, seeing as it's you

Get your KATG vinyls now people! This is the first in a string of KATG related Forza vinyl work, depending on the uptake!
Please buy it, I'm learning

search for MadModehead or KATG.

This vinyl is fully adjustable in size and can be put on ANY vehicle you choose. All you gotta do is have Forza3 on the Xbox360!

Add me! MadModehead
hhhmmmm while I like your style of thinkin, I think it's pretty fucked up you are trying to make money off someone elses logo.
Good idea, bad execution.

Something tells me you are a young punk though.... and may not understand the implications....

Try this instead, give it away for free to promote katg.... lightly hit up for a donation... Do not do it for the $, do it to help KATG spread the word and to learn for your next mod...

I think it would be awesome if I played FORZA to be racing against a katg car, It would definitely make me talk to you at the very least about the show, while everyone else heard...

Also try putting the website on the car as well....

Nice job btw...
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Fuckin' deznice started it

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