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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
I'm not really enjoying the game play.
I can't even pin point it really, but something about *zap* *clunk* zap* *clunk*, go to this room *zap* *clunk* *shoot*'s a little boring...

The game concept is interesting, and the suspense is fun...but I dunno playing feels a bit dull.

I'm gonna play it a few more times, but at the moment I'm not really a fan.
Ah you mean the combat, only one plasmid so far? It gets a lot of fun when you're deciding which plasmids and tonics to use and combining them in new ways and switching between weapons and ammo types. Of course, the main draw of Bioshock is the atmosphere, the intelligent story that's organically delivered and Rapture itself but the sheer amount of variables in the combat makes it fun.
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