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Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
Man, I have been so disinterested in gaming lately for some reason. I keep playing shit like MW2 and a few others, but absolutely nothing is keeping my attention right now. Maybe because every damn game I play has some sort of shooting in it? I kind of feel like I need something new, but I can't figure out what that would be. I've kinda been in the mood to check out FFXIII, but I do NOT want to play that on 360. I am looking forward to the new Splinter Cell, but again, more shooting. Is it just a crutch of games to feature shooting shit so prominently? Anyone got any unique suggestions, popcap and pc games aside?
You sound like a guy on the verge of becoming disilusioned with gaming - and rightly so, in my opinion. If I get you right, you want a 360 game that doesn't prominantly feature shooting and is at least good? Wow. I'm gunna have to take a few minutes here...

Ok, I enjoyed Braid. It was short, but pretty cool. Standardman is right, Chime is good. If you like that, Luminus might be a good bet - my gf fucking loves that game. I dunno man, maybe give Dragon Age a try?

Maybe going back to the likes of Roller Coaster Tycoon or Sim City would do some good? Oooo, maybe even one of the Kings Quest iterations?

Go Canada!
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