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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Played a bit of Metro 2033. The game is nice enough. Nothing groundbreaking but good. Technically speaking, if you have a pc, check it before you buy it, 'cause it has a tiny bit of the "Crysis" syndrome. Meaning that it will look awesome if your computer is godzilla, and it will be quite lame if you have an average pc. Also if you dont have an nvidia card you might have a couple of issues starting it up. I dont seem to be able to implement dx11... Heh.

In a case of impulse buying i got Just Cause 2. Damn you steam. Again.
I didn't think the Nvidia cards supported DX11 yet?
I have an ATI and threw in an old 8800GT for Physx. Works pretty good.

In Metro I found a lot of really annoying scripted spots where you just get destroyed by a group of creatures that respawn and block your path, and you're somehow supposed to know you should have left via a certain route/staircase/window. It's really frustrating and I don't think I've seen a scripting problem like that in a game before. Not fun.
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