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Final Reviews:

-Metro 2033: Bleah. It's boring, buggy and badly assembled. The story is vaguely interesting, with fascinating moments bad they're cobbled together with some very flat and uninteresting gameplay.

-Just Cause 2: It gets really repetitive, but even with that, it's not boring at all. I find myself playing it a lot even with the terrible driving missions. It's such a forgiving game, that aims to please the player and lets him loose, in a way that's incredibly similar to the early days of GTA (the ones where you could commit the most horrid acts of debauchery and get away with it while ignoring the main plot completely). But here the tone is 100% humorous. Rico is a smart ass who clearly doesnt give a flying fuck about anyone and his lines are insanely funny sometimes. The surroundings are also beautiful. Plus everyone is saying that this game works better on PC than on console. EAT IT XBOXERS!!!

-Left4Dead2: took a peek at the improvements. A ton of super cool details. love it

Pondering on Borderlands. Hmmm.
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