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Originally Posted by 12side View Post
I feel that I draw the line between "friend" and "frindly" at the tendancy of both paties to seek each other out. For example, friends by circumstance, where you are only friendly when you happen to be in the same place. Or if it is off balance, as in person A always has to start the conversation, and person B would never even think of person A without prior input. However, if both people mutually start conversation with eachother I would think of those two people as "friends"
I basically agree with your assessment.
However, I'll add that I definitely have some friends (people that I consider friends, and vice versa) who I've known for a long time, who I reach out to more than they reach out.
Over the years, I just got to know that that's the kind of person they are; they don't make lots of phone calls, they're busy with work a lot, etc., so I don't mind being the one to call them most of the time, say.
But in general, again, I'd say you're correct.

Good work, friend!
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