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i picked up a 16gb ipad last week, i love it. i do not have a laptop nor a kindle so it is perfect for me. i transferred over my mp3's and filled up most of it - then realized i probably wont listen to many mp3's on it since i have my iphone.

i installed an app called cloudreader so i can transfer my own pdf's or cbr's.
i bought air video so i can stream from my pc to my ipad.
its sad but i'll have to jailbreak it to tether to my iphone, not being able to do this to some degree is ridiculous.

battery life is great. havent tested out the 10 hour battery life for watching movies yet. most of the time after using it off and on its still around 70%.

not being able to rearrange your photos is kind of ridiculous. i tried to use it at a show and you cannot see the screen in bright sunlight.

iPad printing: solved -- Engadget
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