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I got to celebrate 420 with some stranded members of team Yurp.
Celebrating 4/22 by waking and baking and listening to KaTG while I get ready for class. I think I'm about to drink slightly spoiled milk. >.<

[Edit] i'minu's KaTG pipe is quickly becoming my favorite. I won it at the last Bingo. I'm burning right now because a) salad is the only food in my refrigerator that doesn't need cooking right now and I want to enjoy it b) the internet got boring and c) to get more into the research I HAVE TO DO for my almost ironically boring Viking archeology course and the incredibly daunting 15 to 25 page paper that is due in less than a month. My night's getting better already :]
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When doctorsleep says it, it's weird. When fallingwindows says it, it's arousing. When Junk says it, it's flashbacks.
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