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Originally Posted by pinoy0004 View Post
Still playing FFXIII

Recently beat the game, and am just now doing those side missions. Tonberries and Cactuars are indeed in this game, and thankfully, they resemble the "traditional" Tonberries and Cactuars that we all know and love.
Unfortunately, I have yet to see a Moogle or a Marlboro :/
I beat the game, did all the side missions, etc. Moogle is only referenced in one of the item stores (with a picture of them) and Marlboro was only referenced as a staff for Vanille. I was sad that they didn't have actual characters for them as well, but oh well. The marlboro staff increases success of debilitating effects, so that's kind of along the same vein... I 5-starred all the missions, and just need to go back and 5-star the last boss to unlock lightning's theme (for PS3) at some point. I can't justify grinding the adamantortoises and such to unlock Fang's theme (get every item). If I want to grind mobs, I'll play an MMO, thanks.

I thought the game was decent and really opened up in chapter 11, but Penny Arcade called it by saying the first ~30 hours are basically a tutorial, which will prevent most people from enjoying the end game portion which is actually pretty solid. Too little too late, sadly.
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