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I went to Paris on my break for 5 days. I'd get a museum pass if youre into museums which were all totally awesome. Crepes galore were had there. Street crepes are great especially crepe complete which is ham, emmental and eggs and totally awesome. The best were at La Crepe Rit Du Clown my friends and I spent like 3 hours and over 100 euros there it was so great. Also most people don't know that you can go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. That was honestly the best views I got of Paris and there were way less tourists in the way than at the Eiffel Tower. If youre into churches go to Sainte-Chappelle. Never heard of it before but the sanctuary there is gorgeous. Also go to Sainte Supplice. On Sundays they have an organ recital which is totally neat and after you can go up to see the organ room too. Thats all I can specifically remember. I loved Paris have a good time!
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