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My last boyfriend was an alcoholic and I didn't realize just how badly it affected his life and our relationship. I could never get him to do anything with me, not even when it was free, like the beach. We went to a nice dinner once, but I picked up the tab (naturally). We worked at the same hotel so I arranged for us to go to the fancy restaurant and had a chef's tasting menu planned, all for free, and that night, he had spent half of his paycheck on booze, the other half was garnished for an old lawsuit he owed on, and he made up some excuse about not being able to go because he didn't have enough money to tip the kitchen. Nevermind he had never tipped the kitchen before or had been the recipient of a tip (he was a chef). It was a bullshit excuse that didn't matter, and I was over it. I was not so into him that I was willing to stand by him while he continued to waste away, and I didn't want to be the one to try to rescue him. I had too much self-esteem for him, and I knew I deserved better than bullshit excuses and getting dicked around.
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