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Originally Posted by standardman View Post
God, good point. Manages to combine the cold, remote cruelty of a text message with grabbing a megaphone and broadcasting. That's uniquely mean spirited.
Wow... I was broken up with via text message when my plan didn't support texts, in effect forcing me to pay a couple of bucks to be broken up with, but that was just her being an inconsiderate asshole. But at least I knew about it first...

I went with "I found out s/he was a total crazy," but most often that would apply to me. My family is dysfunctional to the point of being scary and I'm close to them, and it's just so much easier to go along with the circus when I'm around them than to be eaten alive. And since I now tend to date sane, sensible people, the warning bells go off and they end up running away, as they probably should.
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