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The last time there were a lot of silent issues who were brewing, so there was a monster fight at New Year's Eve with bad words, slappings and anger.

Before that i've dumped in the cold "text message" way one time. I also upped the cowardry by changing my phone number afterwards.

I got that end of the stick too, anyway. The worst breakup i had developed as follows:
-I try to call the person and she doesnt answer, repeatedly. No previous arguments or fights were had.
-I receive a text saying pretty much "I dont want us to see each other".
-I freak out. Ponder. Get hammered. Then call at night until she agrees to at least meet and give me an explanation.
-I go to her house the day afterwards at the time she said. She isnt there. I wait. For a long time (i was young and still believed in love).
-Her sister appears and basically tells me that the girl doesnt want to speak to me.
-After a bit more drama, i happen to speak to her and she says "I just stopped loving you for a while but id didnt want to fight or talk about it. Now leave me alone"

I still dont know why. My heart broke and i never been the same since. That time my ability to love people sincerely died.
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