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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post

I still dont know why. My heart broke and i never been the same since. That time my ability to love people sincerely died.
Aww, Junk! I feel like you need a hug.

My most impressive break-up story is more to do with the follow up rather than the breakup circumstances.

I basically broke it off with this guy because he was starting to be weird, distant, creepy, and seemingly way into some nasty drugs.

Being a girl, about a year later I heard a song that reminded me of him (puke, I am so lame). And drunkenly decided to call him.

That call went something like:

Me: Hey, what's doin?

Him: Wow, since the last year, I got testicular cancer. Then I met this girl and we got married, by a priest, totally high, at like 3am on a Tuesday. She got pregnant and then purposely aborted our baby by drinking an entire bottle of scotch. Then when I confronted her about the death of baby by alcohol, she tried to stab me, then we both went to jail, and now here I am.

Me: Ah, I see. OK, bye.
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