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Originally Posted by lizsquiz View Post
If we didn't feel crap when things end, why should we care when things begin?
You're so right on that. But that's something i'm getting only lately. For a lot of time i avoided any sort of bonding with anybody, to avoid getting hurt.

And i'm not only talking about relationships, although those are always the hardest and most rewarding of interactions. I literally tried everything to be completely empty and emotionless. I didnt want to get involved too much with people, care about them, even think too much about them. It also had to do with my family issues. I just thought that if having emotions and caring about others made me feel bad, i would just make myself like a piece of concrete.

And i admit this too. For a long time, i enjoyed making others suffer that way. It made me feel less weak. I reveled in being an asshole.

Then, with time and thanks to good people (and i obviously include the KATGers and K and C themselves), i turned into a normal person again.

It was a looooooooooooooong process though. And i understand very well how some just never get out of it.

Oh Teddy. You just turned me into Emo Junk. Darn.
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