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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
Out of curiosity, how do you get together with an alcoholic in the first place? You say he doesn't want to go out, so how do you meet him?
We worked together. I was the lunch runner and he was one of the lunch chefs. I didn't realize the extent of his drinking at first. Right when we were getting together he was helping me move to a new place, and part of my move included parts of a bar I was given. Good shit too, like XO and a few bottles of rum. Within a week, there were 4 empty bottles, and I hadn't had any of it. I didn't see much in our future as a couple when I realized I'd have to hide alcohol in my own home. I'd at least hoped for a good friends with benefits situation, but he needed help.

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
You're so right on that. But that's something i'm getting only lately. For a lot of time i avoided any sort of bonding with anybody, to avoid getting hurt.
It's sad to know so many people miss out on the euphoria and true happiness of relationships because they never want to take the chances of being hurt. I am okay being hurt because it meant that I felt great in the first place.

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