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I keep trying to post in this thread and it fails miserably. Fuck my router.

Two exes was never really love anyway. We just lived together and hung out and very occasionally had sex.

My most recent one, I'm still trying to work out. Living together and marriage and whatnot had been talked about without any freaking out, and it was the best thing ever for a while. Then after Christmas, there would be ignored phonecalls followed by "sorry, I was cooking" texts three hours later. And the sex stopped. And the kissing was forced.

Starting to wonder whether I was basically used as a safety net for breaking up with her ex and feeling like she didn't really have any close friends.

Certainly absolutely battered my faith in my character judgement, and as a result it will take years before I trust someone else enough to put that much of myself into it. Also, fuck her. No one goes from being so blissfully crazy for each other (and the BEST of friends) to "I don't know, I can't explain why I don't feel it any more." That's bullshit - she was just lying to begin with.

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