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Originally Posted by Todd View Post
Robots With Knives: A Study of Soft-Tissue Injury in Robotics

Let's give the robot a knife, just to see what happens. There's ABSOLUTELY no way this could ever go wrong.
also on bbc:
BBC News - Robot-inflicted injuries studied

"In some cases, the researchers found, the robots managed to accidentally inflict wounds that would prove "lethal"."

Well, Keith came to that conclusion years ago, so i guess he can call himself "researcher" now, after all the rest of his titles.
Oboy, that guy needs a very big businesscard:

Talkshow host
Beer lover
Poker player
inventor ( superparty just to name one idea )
Legal consultant ( want a great law, use keiths law )
Social movement organizer ( HUAR! )
Great lover ( according to some *cough* chemda*cough*)
...and now researcher.

I am sure i forgot some titles, and some stuff is above clssification.
The " i shit on you" song, what is that apart from pure awesomeness ?
Art ? Social commentary ? comedy ? all of it ?
Well you get the idea.
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