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My job "unofficially" encourages doing anything it takes to deal with shop lifters. Its a small chain of stores in the tri-state area and I've heard countless stories of workers chasing down shoplifters and then basically kicking the shit out of them. In fact a district manger of mine told me about a time that he called the cops on a shoplifter. After arresting the shoplifter, the officer told him that shoplifters basically get a slap on the wrist and calling the police isn't an effective deterrent. The police officer then all but told him that the only way to really stop shoplifters is to basically take them out back and touch them up. Most "professional" shoplifters won't continue to shoplift from a store if they know there is a chance that they will get their asses beat. I personally never have tried to run down a shoplifter let alone fight them and probably never will.

Also on the topic of the phone call, I don't agree with his tone but I think he is 100% right. There seems to be a celebratory attitude to, not getting it. Even on the episode where Keith initially brought up the topic of Picasso, a listener called up and basically tried to explain why Picasso is a brilliant painter and was met with the guest pretend snoring and then everyone giggling. Its not the fact that people don't understand, its the fact that people don't want to understand. It gets frustrating sometimes.
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