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Loved the voicemail at the end of the episode.

Have never stopped listening to an episode since I started years ago at around episode 30 or so, and I don't think I ever will, but there have been some painful ones when KATG are being so ignorant that it hurts my mind.

I'm sure other people have told this to you Keith, but obviously you are completely entitled to dislike any art you want based on you own personal preferences. However, I wish you could recognize that there are probably things going on there that you don't understand. There are technicalities and contexts that enhance one's understanding of art that can make you appreciate it on a deeper level than "it just looks good".

I blame art snobs for this whole debacle. If it wasn't for them sticking their noses up whenever someone doesn't like the classics, I think Keith wouldn't be so zealous in defending his right to dislike said classics.
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