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Okay, I guess I was in agreement with Keith all along? I could have sworn that his point was that it's totally retarded to spend that much on such an ugly piece of shit painting. I was saying that it's not totally retarded, and that there is a reason that a person might do that and not be an absolute waste.

I liked the caller at the end. He was amusing and he made what I thought was a very valid point about willful ignorance. It can seem at times that K&C rail against people who know things almost as much as they rail against jerks who pretend to know things to pump themselves up, and it can be frustrating for those of us who are nerds and love knowledge, but what does the show do if not stir the shit?

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On another note, who the fuck is voting 'No' on this pole. If your voting 'No' please post your reasons.
I voted no, because not all men are pussies. I think she's probably approaching the wrong men in the wrong context.

Maybe it's just jealousy because I'm unattractive and abrasive, but when women use sex to get things they want without having to do any other work, it totally skeeves me out. And the few times I've found myself in the situation where I think I might be getting something for free by virtue of my vagina, I feel really gross, and I will either force money on the freebie giver, refuse the freebie or leave as soon as possible. But I know I'm crazy.

Maybe Kelly's not crazy, or broken, but selling yourself in a sexual context like Kelly and Lindsay are doing is definitely a red flag to me. I want to have them back just because I want to find out what's wrong with them. I hope if they read this, they don't take it the wrong way. Everybody has something wrong with them.
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