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Originally Posted by tuttle88 View Post
God dammit, I remember when Keith accidentally spilled the news about Chemda's abortion. They got very few letters about a) abortion or b) accidentally telling the internet. Is it just because it was years ago and there were fewer listeners? Or if congress made a law revoking all federal funding for modern art would there be riots in the street?

On boys being pussies, I once told a guy I was seeing he should come over and watch movies because my roommate was going to be away. He said "nah I'm kind of busy", I said are you sure? My roommate with be away. He said "nah".
After a couple of unsuccessful tries to get him to my house I broke up with him, 10minutes after I got off the phone he texted me saying "I wish I was laying next to you". I nearly wrote back "YOU COULD HAVE BEEN DUMBASS".
Haha, I think you should have wrote that!

I really didn't understand how any guy could say no unless he's REALLY not attracted to a girl. Oh, I would love a girl like Lindsay or Kelly.
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