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Originally Posted by scattt View Post
What episode was that?
320 "Use a condom"

ADD: Alright, i listened to the phone call a bit more attentively. This guy will probably have his points missed, because he let emotions get over him (but that's the way to make people hear ya sometimes). But his reaction is basically the gut reaction most people have to KATG.

My first approach to Keith was "Sue Everybody" and "Coming of Age". I havent heard the show. After a couple of jokes i thought he was condescending, arrogant, ignorant, obnoxious... But incredibly funny. SO i went to the show, and heard Chemda and her sweet but tough as nails personality.

I had my moments of "Oh, fuck them", but their constant funnyness, ability to speak about real life without hypocrisy, their interaction with the fans and their BIG heart made me fall in love with 'em.

I think this call is a typical gut reaction to one of the many provocative arguments of the show. After a bit of discussion and time, the caller himself will feel embvarassed by it.

There's a good number of people who react harshly at what you say because you're expanding a lot (Maybe the marathon, maybe the book). And they're newbies.

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