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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Are you sure you're not convincing yourself that sex is less important because you're not doing it enough?

I'm talkative too, but i'm also a horny dog and as interesting as a dialogue can be, a nice soul numbing fuck is always better. Even a handy. There's not that much you can gain with conversations, really.

But i noticed you mention the sex-drive. You dont have to answer this, but were you always like that or do you use some meds that lower it?

I am always a bit confused when i hear about people that have no interest in sex, without being chemically altered.
LOL, nah, I'm on some medication but it's recent and has little effect on my lack of sex drive. I often spend a lot of time pretending to have a higher sex drive for the women for fear I will lose them if I don't want sex often enough. Sex is great and all, but I just find it a bit over-rated, especially when people consider meaningless sex better than a meaningful conversation. o.0 I'm quite unlike your average male so... *shrug* I am who I am, haha. A lot of people think that I'm a little feminine in my attitudes... not that I seem gay or somethin'. Hard to explain I suppose, but I am more turned on by strong meaningful conversation. Most men don't get me; suppose that's why all my friends are female. :-p
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