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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
PS: Just as a question, and please dont take it the wrong way but have you ever fantasized about sex with men? I'm not saying this because of the feminine thing, cause that doesnt mean anything. I'm asking because i had one experience with a man, didnt like it, but it helped me amplify and clarify my approach to sexuality.
LOL, that's a pretty strange question but I don't take offense to anything (unless it's intended to offend). I actually dated a guy in high school and to some odd extent still feel some sort of attraction to him (we still talk once in awhile), but it's not sexual at all... hardly makes any sense I suppose, but the idea of doing anything beyond kissing with another man gives me the chills. No matter how open-minded I see myself, I cannot bring myself to even try it. I've been given more than a few opportunities, lol. Almost every gay man I've ever met has tried to bed me, and I draw the line at like... cuddling and stuff. I'm comfortable to chill with other guys and even be cuddly with them (or being weird just for the reactions with straight guys), but have no sexual attraction to men at all, lol.

I know, hardly a simple response, which is why I thought your question was a little interesting. Haha :-p Like I said, not like most men.
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