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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Yet, even after reading "Psychopathia Sexualis" and learning that there's people who enjoy stuff that my mind has even a hard time figuring on paper, asexuality still strikes me as very very odd (as long as it's not the result of traumas or meds).

Yet, Myq is smarter than me, so i'll take his word as truth.
I don't really "understand" asexuality either. I mean, you understand what you're attracted to. You can intellectualize what others are attracted to. Some people are attracted to things that don't exist, like centaurs, or even attracted to the idea of BEING something that they're not, like an animal (that exists or doesn't). But if those types of people exist (which I take Dan Savage's and his guests' word for that they do), then why not a person who is not sexually attracted to anything, real or imagined? (Maybe that is the hardest to understand... maybe they just haven't imagined the right centaur... I mean, there's plenty of mermaids in the sea. Or not.)

And to clarify, I'm not the expert here, just quoting from the expert's podcast. So it's truth twice removed, which is a Kevin Bacon degree that I can handle, along with the truth, a la A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon.
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