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Wow, I'm really glad I took the time to find these forums. The past few days I got into listening to podcasts at work (working boring long nights at the grocery store gets really fuckin... BORING), and this is most definitely my favorite show. I just feel like I relate best to these guys; they are open-minded but don't take any bullshit. It's a fantastic combination. And these forums replicate that very well.

Anyway, I love what Myq had to say about there being levels between asexuality and well... "nymphomania", and if that is the case, I can totally understand how asexuality can exist. It's not so much a lack of sexual desire as much as it is a sexual attraction to specific feelings, and it's not feelings you can describe in any language. It's a feeling you get when you converse with a certain person and whatnot. Like I feel it entirely, though I most certainly have a bit of a physical sexuality to me as well. But there are people that no matter how disgusting they might be physically, if they can carry on a certain conversation and relate to me in just the right way, I will fuck their brains out, LOL.

I love that I've found someone who has put it into some sort of logical terminology that makes my feelings make sense. o.0 Myq you're my new hero!
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