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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Hahahahahahaaaaaaa.... Myq is always funny and always will be and Micah got sooooo fuckin' hilarious since his first appearances.

He was so dry and depressed at first, now he's just a riot.

Definitive proof that having sex makes you funnier. Do you know any virgin comedian?
Thanks, and I do have a very funny friend who has been at least for the bulk of his career a virgin comedian. We started together in Boston, and I just heard for the first time this year that he might not be single anymore (and he previously had a large chunk of virgin- and virgin-related material, which was absolutely based in reality).

His name is Erik Charles Nielsen. Check him out.

Originally Posted by DionJ View Post
Myq you're my new hero!
And you're my new whatever the opposite of hero is! (But not opposite like "villain." More like mentor and protege opposites. Where they both like each other.)

Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
Many LOZ and I think Myq is one of my new faves. He's super funny.
I think you're nice and right!
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