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Sleep is Death sounds amazing and exactly what I want from a game. There's a short walkthrough from the developer (Jason Rohrer of 'Passage' and 'Gravitation') here but it's essentially a toolbox to easily make your own simple looking games for people to play. The twist is that the person playing it can do or say anything he wants and the person making it has to adapt, in the 30 second turns.

In short, it's improv. theatre: the game. Fantastic!

Oh and it costs £whatever you want to pay for two copies.

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Alan Wake looks awesome, it's one of those games that makes me think about getting a console (then i think that i am over thirty and have already problems handling my current addictions, so i pass)

Curious about ALpha Protocol. Could be a mess or something new. The trailer makes it seem not much more than your usual spy actioneer, with a vague hint of RPG. But the developers actually call it "The first spy RPG". Not that it means anything.

Also Darksiders will come out for PC in a month! Wheee.
I'm sure Alan Wake will get a PC version eventually, it was developed for PC before Microsoft gave them a money hat.

Funny you should say that about Alpha Protocol, my feeling through every stage of development has been 'could be good, not sure'. Agreed the 'the first spy RPG' tagline is nonsense.

I really enjoyed Darksiders, in spite of hating the art style. Zelda + God of War and unashamed of it.

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