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Originally Posted by standardman View Post
This was one of those 'laughing on the train and getting weird looks' episodes. Thanks guys, I really needed good laugh.
You're welcome! And are you sure those weird looks were from the laughing? Good then!

Originally Posted by scattt View Post
This was such a funny show Micah seems like he's such a funny goofball in real life and Myq is more the serious one of the two. Great show!
Thanks! You are right. Farts and poop! (SERIOUS farts and poop.)

Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
Bop! ringtone for iPhone if anyone wants it.

Bop! mp3 for all you non-iPhone suckers.
Yeah, take that, suckers!
(Are we being ripped off? Are we the suckers? I also don't have an iPhone. Oh, suckers.)

Originally Posted by SanFranStagehand View Post
I deleted this show after I listened to it. Then after reading some of the forums I realized I loved it so much I had to go download it again.
I would have deleted your comment after I read it, if I had the power to do that. Then I would have reinstated it, if technology would have allowed. Either way, thanks!

Originally Posted by kara View Post
I think Myq/Micah is one of the best guest combination KATG has had on.
I think Kara is one of the best guest combination identifiers KATG forums has.

Originally Posted by outlaw View Post
What a great show. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, BOP!
You're bopcome.

Originally Posted by lizsquiz View Post
The Dr Show-show song has become my equivalent of Chemda's "morning, its morning"

Something I enjoy singing first thing in the morning that infuriates my boyfriend.

I've found it very enjoyable to write my own additional verses to motivate/annoy my boyfriend into doing chores e.g. It's time for Doctor Dishes to do the washing up etc

Glad to help maintain relationship detente through cold war tactics.
(I presume one of the benefits of his accomplishing the desired tasks is that you stop attacking him with the song? So in this analogy, your nuclear bomb is your singing and his nuclear armaments are chore-doings. Perfect? Serious farts and poops!)
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