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Originally Posted by dangerous View Post
this show was boring and myq is as funny as watching paint dry.

just kidding! it was great but the lovefest on this thread was getting on my tits and if myq's ego gets anymore inflated we will have to write goodyear on it and fly it over football games.
You're a blimp. Just kidding. You're nice, and probably not a blimp. And don't worry, my ego is under constant attack from all sorts of other sources.
(That's the thing, when your ego is a blimp, all it takes is one air harpoon to bring you down.)

Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
Myq always responds to my tweets when I think I've come up with a joke no one has heard before.
You're not the first person to say that.

(Just kidding. You're a blimp!)

Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
I'm sure Myq will know someone who does an entire hour on forum nerd comedy or some shit. #crusheddreams
I think it's us, right now!

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Re-listening to "Bop!"... The harmony on the chorus reminds me of System Of A Down (if it was done on purpose, it was done well).

If Myq gets tired of stand-up, and Micah gets tired of having sex in weird places, they could try as a modern indie rock band. They got the voices. They might put Myka in there too.
The alliteration of the names could give them an edge already.

PS: rodimus, i feel dumb everytime i read Myq's tweets. Gotta find a way to gain that cleverness: It's either being jewish (seems to work in the comedy world) or the shrooms. Or the linguistics degree. Man, too much work already. I'd rather stay dumb.
That sounds like a smart thing to say.

And sounds like a plan for if we all get tired.
(Though I don't know if having sex in weird places is something that keeps a person from being a rock star. So Micah is already part of the way there.)
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